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What am I getting paid for?

Our site is designed to analyze breaking news and develop artificial intelligence algorithms. We help the media and search engines generate daily, weekly, monthly news feeds. For this we get 10% of the money, 90% we pay you for your opinion: “interesting” or “uninteresting”.

How to withdraw money? What conditions?

To receive payments for breaking news analysis, you must enter an account number in Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or Payza. You must accumuluate a minimum amount of $ 1,700. Usually it takes 1-7 days.

How to get money for invited friends?

Our site needs new internet users. Therefore, we are ready to pay you $ 80 and 2% of additional regular income for each invited friend. You can even form your dream team and not work at all, you need leadership skills.

I want to get more, how to increase income?

To increase revenue, go to the "profile level" section and read the terms.

How much money can I earn for breaking news analysis?

The rate for analyzing the latest news is $ 8 per news. Every day you can analyze more than 45 recent news and earn more than $ 360.

How to start making money?

To get started, sign up, then go to the "Read news" section and start analyzing breaking news.

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Good news for everyone

The rate for breaking news analysis has been increased to $ 8 for one piece of news. Your daily earnings may be more than $ 360.